General features of our safari tents:



What is in it for you;


How can we help you even further?


Integrate your personal requirements into your tent.

If you have specific requirements, for example for the terrace, interior, or design? For example, would you like to integrate your corporate design or colors in the tents? If we are able to, we will make the adjustments you prefer.


Repair, replace and store your tent;


If unexpected something breaks down, then we can offer you our repair service. If possible we can make repairs on the site, otherwise in our factory. Of course, your reservations can’t suffer because of this, so we can also offer you a tent you temporarily borrow while the repairs are being made.


If you require or desire to store the tent in the winter, also then we can be of service. We can disassemble, maintain and store your tent fabrics. And of course, we can put them back up at your request.


* with exception of the small buffalo.