Safaritent Factory

A great campingexperience for your guests:

More luxury
More comfort
More possibilities

All camping managers know: camping isn’t the same anymore. Guests still love the outdoors,
but the lack of comfort is holding more and more people back. Guest are in need of more luxury.
With our Buffalo Safaritent you can give your guest this experience.
The safaritent is really comfortable and can be adjusted to their specific desires. This way, you can offer your guests a unique camping experience.
The feeling of camping stays intact, it is, after all, a real tent. You feel part of nature, even inside you still experience the outdoors.
Award your guest also with this unique camping experience in our Buffalo Safaritent!

Our company has started with development and production of tents in 2002.
As a result of the rising demand for camping holidays, we became aware of a growing need for this new product.

In the old days, campers traveled the country with their complete household and viewed the lack of comfort as a natural consequence of the outdoors,
people nowadays still love to be outside, but with the luxury of home.

Our safari tents will last for 15 seasons due to the high-quality materials, so you can benefit from a good return for a long time!
We make everything ourselves, from the design to the very last stitching. This allows us to be the perfect partner to deliver customized services.


The Buffalo Safaritent is available in 4 types:

Small Buffalo

(2 persons)
Inside living space: 2,5 x 3,5 meters



(2-4 persons)
Inside living space: 4 × 5 meters.


Buffalo safari tent


Big Buffalo
(from 4-6 persons)

Inside living space: 5 x 5 (to lengthen with one or more extensions of 2 meters)

Big buffalo safaritent
Big buffalo safari tent



Water buffalo safari tent

Ideal as a floating tent!
The Buffalo safari tent is (due to a specially prepared pontoon) also quite suitable to be used on the water.
This makes the tent ideal for marinas, to accommodate a new and different group of visitors.