BIG buffalo safaritent

Big Buffalo                                                                                                                       4/6 persons

Inside living space: 5 x 5 meter

Total surface : 5 x 7 meter

Footprint: 7 x 7.1 meter

Extensions: per 2 meter

Material specs: Click here


The Big Buffalo has an inside living space of 5 x 5 meters, but can be extended with one or more extensions of 2 meters long.  If you purchase a tent, you buy the front, the back and the number of extensions you require. The Big Buffalo is delivered with a 2 meter long covered terrace. If you prefer a bigger terrace, then we can also realize this for you.

The tent has windows all around, they can be opened from the inside. All windows are equipped with a cover, so they all can be blinded. And to keep mosquitoes out, the opening windows are also completed with mesh. In the top of the tent, there are rings to facilitate the easy hanging of wires and/or lamps.

The front side of the Big Buffalo is constructed with a ‘door’. But there is also the possibility to open the entire front side and tie them aside.  This opens up the entire tent and connects it to the terrace.

If desired we can also equip this tent with a kitchen and a shower/toilet unit. So the walk of shame with the roll of toilet paper tucked under the arm, is a thing of the past, and you can provide an even more luxurious experience to your guests.

The elevated platform (ca. 25 cm), keeps the damp away from the wood. The floor is because of this, even longer in the best condition and it stays in good condition for a long time.

To facilitate the access for disabled people, you can use a wheelchair ramp. The floor is constructed of closed floorboards and has no thresholds, so also guests who use a wheelchair can enjoy a unique stay at your campsite.

You can get the Big Buffalo full service. With furniture, and perhaps some personal adaptations (p.e, cycle rack, balustrade). But you can also build the Buffalo yourself aided by our building manual to guide you.

If you want to make more personal adjustments, for example, your own color scheme, or something else? That’s also possible since we design and produce all our tents ourselves.