Transport and instalation

How will you receive your tent?

As a Kit, 

You can build the tent, frame, and terrace yourself with our building kit and our manual. You can arrange the transport personally, or we deliver it to your given location.


You decide where the tent has to be placed. Our team builds the decking, frame and places the tent and the roof. After this, you will furnish the tent at your own discretion.

In joined cooperation, we can help you up front, plan and draw the ground plan for the placing of the tents. You can then take in consideration various factors, as water, electric, drainage, sun, and so on.


We can supply chairs, tables, beds a.s.o. included, with or without soft furnishings. And we also assemble the bathroom and kitchen units, so all you have to do is get your local expert to connect and certify the installation.