Water Buffalo (floating safari tent)


All Buffalo safari tents can be delivered on an elevated platform, but also on a floating platform. This platform has a high buoyancy, creating a stable, safe place to place your safari tent.

This way you can offer your guests an even more adventurous stay: a camping vacation on the water. And if they do own a boat, they can moor their boat beside their Safari tent.

Doing so, you provide a place in your marina to guests who don’t own a boat, but do love the water. The platform can be supplied with a railing, footboard and mooring posts.


For Marinas

Especially the aging of the boat owners and the resulting unused places on the jetty, are a growing concern for marina owners. There are the floating safari tents a useful addition. The water buffalo is for instance, especially suitable for boat owners who can’t stay on their own boat, or their friends and family. You can meet an entirely new public and let them get acquainted with your marina and surroundings. Other potential guests for this are anglers, who want to have a few days out with their mates.


This way, the empty places in your marina can turn into a new source of income, which can be raised even more if you combine the tent rental with e.g. boat rental, breakfast service or other services.